New books, Edgar Awards, and a nice note from a friend.

Here is an update on what is going on at the G&B Detective Agency. I finished up the first draft of The Case of The Welch Ave. Wizards. I’ve started on the rewrite and it is going pretty well. It should not take long. After that it goes through editing and then I will polish it up.

Edgar Awards Nominees 2019

The official list of nominees for the Edgar Award came out, and yours truly is not on it. Honestly, it is a truly prestigious award and I’m glad that I entered. There is always next year. On the up side, my Kindle Select account showed a very noticeable uptick in all of my books shortly after I sent Case of the Cold Case in for judging. I can only hope that some people took notice of my writing. Anyway, it was a good experience.

Here’s where I stand now with the G&B Detective Agency: I’m going to put Case of the Cold Case back for a little while. I might enter it into another competition if I can find one that is a good fit. The Welch Ave. Wizards is coming along nicely and I hope to publish it soon. I’m shooting for April or May. The seed for G&B Detective Agency: Case of the Femme Fatal has been planted and it is starting to sprout. I’m anxious to get my table cleared and to start writing it.

“Hi Rollie! I read the 3 books in a row and I loved them! They are so funny and engaging! I particularly enjoyed the insights on police work. I read a lot and I found these so interesting and refreshing! Thank you for creating such wonderful characters! Already waiting for the next one! Say hi to Denise!

Thanks all, for the support. I recently got this very nice text from a friend and neighbor of ours in Puerto Rico. She read all three of my books back to back. I am so happy that people enjoy them, and I’m especially happy when they get back to me with such a nice note. I’ll try to post a little more often and keep you all up on the latest.