Any Questions?

Every Friday, I go live on my Facebook and answer questions from friends, fans and readers. Stop by my page to ask me anything you’ve ever wondered about writing a book, self publishing, or even what the guys’ favorite beer is…

When people talk to me about my books, a couple of questions come up almost every time. The first is if I set aside a certain time every day dedicated to writing. I answer that no, I don’t have to. I think that the most important aspect of writing is knowing what you want to write about and have somewhat of an idea how you want to get there. I do sit down most every day and write, but not because I have set aside some time in my day to do it like it is some kind of chore; I sit down most every day because I have a story to tell and I enjoy telling it. I want to write every day.

Stay tuned for more frequently asked questions.

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