I’m not dragging my feet.

Today I submitted Welch Avenue Wizards for publication. It is the fourth novel in the G&B Detective Agency Series. A lot of people have been asking me when the next one was coming out, and I didn’t know. But it seemed like I was writing a lot, just nothing was getting there. It felt like a long time between Where the Hell is Angie and Welch Avenue Wizards. So I counted on my fingers and figured it out that the first three came out over a period of eight months. It took nine months from Angie until Welch Avenue Wizards was ready for publication. So I pondered a bit about why, and I realized that I actually wrote two novels during that period of time. I wrote Case of the Cold Case as well. So mystery solved. I’m not slowing down in my old age. That’s nice to know

I’m sure that people are going to start asking about Cold Case. Well, yes it is almost ready to publish. I still have to go through it one more time to check for errors that have slipped past us, but it is that close, one read away. I even have a cover for it, which is usually the very last obstacle for me. I’ll sit on it for a while though. I’ll let people read Welch Avenue Wizards first. In the meantime, I’m writing Case of the Femme Fatal, number six. And it is close to first draft, so I’m kind of excited about that. The important thing here is that my readers, and I appreciate my readers a lot, won’t have to wait nine months for the next one. Happy reading, and enjoy the Welch Avenue Wizards.

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