I’m Dying to Know…

Every Friday I go live on my Facebook and answer questions and read a little of one of my books. If you have anything you’ve ever wondered, drop me a line on my page!

The second question I get often is if I outline my stories before beginning to write. And the answer is yes, I do. But my outline is generally scribbled on papers stuffed in the back of my desk, notes that I’ve been jotting down for months before I even get started. By the time I begin writing, I have a loosely organized idea where to start and where I’m going. As I write, my outline progressively gets abandoned and I begin making notes in a .docx in the folder where I keep the book chapters while I am writing it. As one chapter after another is written, the notes get assigned places in them. By the time I’m halfway through with the book I have the chapters mapped out with notes on each one, all the way to the end. They get switched and tweaked a little along the way, but by the middle of the book I have a pretty good roadmap to the ending. So in a loose sort of way, my books go from outline to notes to outline.

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