It lives, it lives.

I had hoped to write this a few weeks ago, but a series of unfortunate events prevented it. I won’t go into detail; it was an arduous journey to get this second book in the G&B Detective Agency series into print. But it is here now. After one re-write and nine edits, for one of which Denise and I printed out the entire book on our office printer, sat down together, and over the course of several days read the entire book, passing the pages from one to the other while we did so. And then there was the cover. We went through four covers before we got it where we wanted it, submitted it, decided that it needed more changes, then submitted it two more times before we were happy. But as of this morning, G&B Detective Agency: Case of the is for sale on Amazon. It is also available through an expanded distribution network for bookstores and libraries to pick it up. So if anyone out there knows a bookstore owner, pass it on. It would be appreciated.

Enough of the complaining over how long it took to get published. It is a pretty good book. I like it a little better than the first book, I think. But it builds off of Missing Tucker, and shares a lot of the same characters, so without that I’m not sure it would feel the same. Some teasers here: Monica and Milton seem to be spending a lot of time together. Everyone has their own idea where that is going to end up. An ex stripper and a cop? We’ll see. Also, a couple of characters that you might have thought you had heard the last of find their way into this story as well. It all ends up just as surprising for Max, Skip, and Monica, as it does for the reader. So I think you will like that.

That’s it for now. I don’t want to give anything away. I want you to read it. I posted a link in the sidebar to get to the book on Amazon, below the link to Case of the Missing Tucker. I hope you enjoy it. One more thing, there is another book written but not quite ready to go. For now, it is titled G&B Detective Agency: Where the Hell is Angie. Now that I have done and available, I can buckle down and get Angie re-written, edited, and published. So stay tuned for that.

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